Did You Know?

  • The condition of intellectual disabilities is generally diagnosed in children under the age of 18. Individuals who have intellectual disabilities functions that are below normal and they lack the skills to maintain daily life.
  • Around one to three percent of the population is affected by intellectual disabilities. Even though there may be several causes of intellectual and developmental disabilities, doctors only identify a cause in 25 percent of intellectual disabilities cases.

Brenham State Supported Living Center (BSSLC) Facts

  • There are approximately 260 people living at Brenham State Supported Living Center.
  • Their age range is 12 - 78 years
  • There are 21 homes with about 10 - 18 residents in each home
  • Residents work at Brenham Production Services, Sealy Mattress, Off-Campus Services, On-Campus Workshop and in Active Treatment Centers.
  • The BSSLC is a facility of the Department of Aging & Disability Services.

Errell is an artist! He can draw the most fascinating things. He was the featured artist for the Volunteer Services Council (VSC) calendars. He loves his involvement with the VSC at many functions and greeting visitors. Errell helps decorate the campus with his drawings for every special holiday.

Errell loves the holidays and the VSC sponsored party "Holiday Magic." Every person is beaming and having a blast opening gifts provided by David Weekley Homes staff. Errell bounces from one person to the next, taking pictures with all his favorite people. He combs through the crowd with happiness and excitement. This is truly a special event for him. Thanks to the VSC for helping make the holidays special for Errell and his many friends! Smiles are just the beginning!

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Did You Know?

Brenham SSLC celebrated its 40 anniversary in 2014!

FACT: There are approximately 260 people living at Brenham State Supported Living Center.

Ground was recently broken for the NEW Hazel Lawson Adaptive Sports Complex. A field with a rubber surface to allow for athletes of all abilities to play field games like baseball, football, soccer and more. JOIN THE TEAM and help make this field a reality for residents & the community to enjoy the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.


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Art work from BSSLC artists is on sale at Hermann's General Store in downtown Brenham and at the Expression's Bistro & Gift Shop on campus in the Education & Training Bldg 503 Texan Trail.

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